Denarius DOMAINS

Are you afraid that your website could be suspended by authorities? With “the screws tightening” around the world, your fears might well be justified.

DDNS (Denarius DNS) is the way out.

Completely decentralized, DDNS is safe from any kind of censorship. No other user can modify your record — only the record creator can manipulate its content.

DDNS websites can be easily resolved with the help of several upcoming browser extensions, by using DDNS Gateways, or via DNS proxies, or via our public DNS servers.

DDNS is a decentralized domain name system supporting the full range of DNS records. DDNS operates under the “dns:” service abbreviation in the Denarius NVS.

Denarius’s secure and distributed blockchain, domain name records are completely decentralized and uncensorable. They cannot be altered, revoked, or suspended by any random authority. Only the record owner, i.e. the one who controls the private key to the associated D payment address, can modify or transfer it to another owner. These actions can be performed using the Denarius Name Registrar in the Denarius native wallet, or via the name_new or name_update commands in the Denarius JSON RPC.

DNS records can easily be retrieved from any Denarius wallet via the Denarius API using JSON-RPC or the command line, or via the standard RFC1034 DNS protocol built into every Denarius native wallet.


Denarius TLDs: *.d, *.dnr, *.denarii, *.ipfs, *.sys, *.btc, *.bitcoin, *.king