Denarius (D) Hybrid Cryptocurrency


Denarius (D) Cryptocurrency, Network, and Protocol

Genesis 2017 • 6% APY Staking Yield

1 D = ~ USD • Market Cap ~

What is Denarius?

 Denarius is a decentralized cryptocurrency blockchain. “D” represents the currency of the Denarius blockchain network. 

The Denarius genesis block was created on June 14th 2017. Its source code is deeply modified and developed based off the also open source software called Bitcoin. With Denarius you can stake your D for a 6% APR yield and you can also run a FortunaStake for a 33% return of block rewards.

The technology of Denarius is faster and more reliable than its big brother Bitcoin. D transactions that can confirm around the globe in seconds without slow down. Denarius is open source software available for free. You can timestamp sensitive data on chain and experience a blockchain built to be decentralized.

Denarius (D) Hybrid Cryptocurrency

Circulating Supply of Denarius

~ D in circulation

Denarius is a fixed supply cryptocurrency with a maximum of 10,000,000 D

Denarius Domain Names

.d .bitcoin .btc .ipfs .dnr .denarii .sys .king

Denarius features fully decentralized domain names that cost only 0.1 D with purchases rewarding miners and FortunaStake operators.

Proof of Data – Jupiter

Denarius Proof of Data Jupiter IPFS

By purchasing or minting Denarius, one can utilize the native wallet to authenticate and timestamp data, documents, or signatures and upload them to the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), using Denarius’s Proof of Data or Jupiter features. (Native Wallet)

Buy and Sell Denarius

Denarius (D)
$ 0.066938
$ 0.00000000000000
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20 Jul
⇡ 0.066938

DOWNLOAD A Denarius Wallet


The Denarius Native QT Wallet is available on Windows, Linux, and macOS. This is the fully featured core native Denarius wallet with Json RPC expandability and headless version available called denariusd. This wallet uses the full blockchain of Denarius from which you can utilize native features of Denarius like staking, FortunaStakes, Jupiter IPFS, Multisig, Atomic Swaps, Proof of Data and more!

Denarius (D) Native Wallet

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